Zadi News   •   October 30, 2016

From July 6 to October 30, 2016, the ZADI GROUP keen sponsor of the event #Exhibition Vespa, “one of the finest exhibitions dedicated to the Vespa ever staged”, hosted in the halls of Nicolis Museum in Villafranca di Verona.

The Zadi group can indeed boast a small contribution to the icon of Italian design imagined by Piaggio; under its own brands CEV (on the market since 1906 as Fratelli Pagani) and ECIE (born in 1991), has always contributed to the creation of the Vespa, providing not only the lighting systems and instruments, but also the locks (with Zadi, brand born in 1962).

The event showcased the Nicolis Museum houses 70 models to celebrate the 70 years of Piaggio myth.

Front to Vespa ever produced in a process that includes unique models in Europe, the three series Sport – seen together only this time – the Gran Turismo and small Scocca that accompanied the three generations of youth.

Available always in preview, the new updated edition of the classic book by Giorgio Sarti “Vespa 70 YEARS“.

What makes it more exciting event, two digital news: the restyling of the website of the Nicolis Museum with the inclusion of #ExhibitionVespa streaming and a new digital App.

The use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) bluetooth technology and a series of beacons placed in the museum and the exhibition, you will live an experience of digital engagement and indoor navigation that will allow visitors to get in-depth information content contextual, depending on the rooms of the museum where you are, directly on your smartphone. An interactive experience to make the visit to the exhibition and the most immersive collections and, at the same time, more free.

Zadi has always contributed and still contributes with its lights products (through the acquisition of CEV, the historical Italian brand lanterns for major manufacturers motocili) the creation of this Italian legend.


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Website: www.museonicolis.com  #ExhibitionVespa it is also visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.