Zadi s.p.a. contributes to the birth of the new Mole Urbana:
electric quadricycle with a retro style

Mole Urbana, is a 100% electric quadricycle with a retro style, created by the Turin designer Umberto Palermo, it is a vehicle conceived, designed and built in Italy to meet the needs of constantly changing urban mobility. A vehicle that makes flexibility and sustainability its trump cards.

“I was born from cans and recycled aluminum and from many glass bottles. Whoever designed me wanted to create me with the extrusion technique, like the architectural fixtures. I am the only one in the world to be made like this!”

Palermo says: “I didn’t want to design a miniature car, but a system that can be integrated into the city, that molds itself to new needs. I want to define Mole Urbana as a ‘move people’ integrated into the world of transport, from public to car sharing”.

The front lighting system reflects the retro design and guarantees a high technological content.

The optical groups manufactured in Italy and marked CEV (historical brand for lovers of two wheels, born in 1906), brand owned by Zadi S.p.A. and produced in the prestigious Motor Valley in Carpi, in the province of Modena.

The headlights gives a singular and markedly vintage look to the vehicle, and they are also extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption. This is a solution that goes perfectly with the a car of this type.