Zadi News  •   December 20, 2018


The BOLID-E prototype conceived by Energica Motor Company for Smart Ride has been designed starting from the electric old-style Eva EsseEsse9, the newly proclaimed Best Electric Bike of the Year 2018. The result is “Bolid-E”, a speed motorbike which exalts the concept of speed as an emotion: a futuristic motorbike in which Samsung technologies and Energica expertise come together.

Bolid-e is an alchemy of passion and tradition projected towards future at high speed.


Thanks to the partnership with ZADI, it was possible the integration between Samsung Galaxy Watch (from Gear S3 onwards), and this prototype.

Energica and Zadi are revolutionizing the way the motorbike is started: by putting the smartwatch near the tank, without the classic key or smart key.

The aims is making possible the interaction – through NFC and Bluetooth connectivity – between Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Handsfree Zadi of the Energica motorbike, guaranteeing a brand new riding experience.

The Handsfree recognizing the signal sent through NFC by Samsung Galaxy Watch activates, this process activate all the functions of Bolid-e: unlock the steering, activate the dashboard and turn on the motorbike.


A real interaction between motorcycles and smart devices is inaugurated, thanks to Bluetooth and NFC connections. Through the interaction (NFC) between the Galaxy Watch and the vehicle, it is possible to create a virtual key that will allow, when the smartwatch is approached to the tank, to switch on the motorcycle. In addition, the rider can share his virtual key with a selection of contacts from his address book.

Moreover, thanks to Smart Ride, the Energica motorcyclist can share his passion with friends through the features of Track Sharing and Key Sharing. In order to guarantee the most effective safety possible. Energica has implemented a remote monitoring system of the motorcycle when used by multiple users. It is possible to display on a map the current position of the user and his energetic motion, define a radius in which the bike can be used and be alerted when it gets too far.